STIC – StickFit® Team Instructor Community

We are a closely-knit community of passionate, dedicated professionals who believe we have the neuro tools to make an enormous difference in people’s lives, beyond just a physical workout.

Rewiring the brain can improve everything, from health and mental wellbeing to quality of life. Being connected and an engaged member of STIC will be extremely rewarding as you gain more knowledge and tools on a regular basis to help people improve in their everyday life activities and abilities. You will be at the forefront of leading-edge, fitness industry neuro-methodology and workouts.

Our expanding library with new programming and ongoing education will continually evolve, providing you with a multitude of ways to gain additional cognitive benefits which will challenge you as an instructor as well as the class participants. 

We Stick Together!

StickFit® is committed to provide you, the instructor, with continual, updated education along with the tools you need to teach bona-fide, neuro-based programming via our Instructor Community STIC. 

By joining STIC, you will receive: 

Content monthly (new moves, lectures, teaching tips, manual updates, etc.) 

Tri-seasonal (three) new master class releases and specialized music per year 

Social Media Kit and Marketing Packet 

Shop Discounts on StickFit® product: apparel, sticks, etc. 

Community connection to other StickFit® instructors and master trainers worldwide 

Information regarding career opportunities with StickFit® 

To have full access to STIC, you must be approved as a Foundational StickFit® instructor by passing both the online written exam and live practical assessment following the Foundational Instructor Course. Upon receiving your accreditation, you will be able to teach StickFit® classes for 1 year. By joining and being an active member of STIC, you maintain your approved accreditation status without re-taking the Foundational training.