Creating the StickFit® Experience

StickFit® classes are more than just an extraordinary physical workout; they are a kinesthetic and heightened somatosensory, interactive experience. Even more so if coached to become more present for the entirety of the class, the experience in class will translate to their real life circumstances. 

In class, we want every participant to become more sensorially and spatially aware of •their surroundings, •the sticks and sound of the sticks hitting, •partner interaction, •body position, •body mechanics, •proprioceptive body responses to the training, and • brain/body connection. StickFit® empowers you, the instructor the ability to both educate participants during class and to relate the experience of the training to their external world. 

Elements of the Experience 

Physical: Movement 

StickFit® encourages the physical activities to be a catalyst to engage and enhance an individual’s attentiveness, focus, concentration, breath regulation and sensory perception, which cultivates a focused awareness to keep the mind in the present moment. This creates an opportunity and personal choice for how we direct attention and then interpret situations so that we can react and respond, both in class and then in daily life. 

Sound: Auditory 

Listening to the sticks hit together in a particular rhythm identifies a specific stick pattern which can move us into a ‘transient state.’ The sound of the sticks gives participants the sensorial awareness of the different drills and changing modalities, helping them to focus with intent. 

Multi-Task Activities: Brain Stimulators 

The StickFit® drills train participants how to multi-task, teaches them how to, in an instant, spontaneously change brain function, dependent upon the task.

For example:

[1] translate and process new information, such as a new move;
[2] keep focused attention without distraction, or,
[3] process skills such as coordination, speed and agility requirements. The brain response from the exercise experience transmits to everyday life tasks and activities as they arise as skills in these areas have improved.