Using the Sticks

In StickFit®, each participant utilizes two sticks for: 

Tactile partner interaction, known as ”double stick training”
Solo training, using the StickXmate™ trainer
StickBlitz™ (Filipino Fight Flow Drills)
Stick Drills: sticks are placed on the floor in various drill patterns for motor skill, core training and to sustain aerobic intensity. 

While StickFit® workouts are designed as a neuro-challenging, integrated, multi-modality fitness program, StickBlitz™ incorporates the traditional strikes of predominately Muay Thai Kickboxing and Boxing including a multitude of punches, elbows, knees and kicks utilising Filipino sticks. There are also additional Filipino close quarter stick strikes utilizing the punyo (butt end). Our differentiator being that we are holding one or both sticks, while executing all of the StickBlitz™ moves or upper/lower body combos. Our combos flow from one strike into another. StickBlitz™ is one of the three multi-modalities as part of the Rounds. 

The discerning difference between Filipino Martial arts and other martial arts systems is the unique style of multi-limb movement. Meaning, we can utilize both arms from any frame position meaning our arms can be open, crossed, or fully closed, you’re still be able to effectively hit any target. The other difference is the sticks are simultaneously moving in opposite direction, e.g. one moving forward and the other is pulling back at the same time. 

The Stick Advantage 

When we define StickFit® as “cognitive training” or “neural-based program” we are talking about benefits beyond the physical aspects of becoming more fit or the emotional aspects of improved mood and well-being. Training with sticks as our focus, creates a science-evidenced core base of improving these brain skills to stimulate and improve the synchronization of mind/body integration. By doing so we also enhance overall strength and cardio endurance training results: 

Hand-Eye Coordination
Peripheral Vision
Processing Abilities
Focus and Attention
Response Time
Cross Lateral Training